Adam Lovinus answers the Radiohead meme

Obviously there are more Radiohead fans in this office than you know; our editorial assistant and in-house multi-instrumentalist Adam Lovinus sent me his replies:

Justin1. What are your Radiohead memories?
Seeing them for the first time at Grant Park in Chicago, the summer 2001 “Amnesiac” tour, and being utterly amazed at the way the band replicated their electro-beat material live, and how the radiantly the lights shone against the Chicago skyline as the sun set behind the buildings, thinking “Wow, this is the Pink Floyd of my generation.”

2. How much would you pay for downloading In Rainbows?

3. OK Computer or Kid A?
Both great albums; “OK Computer” got me into Radiohead, “Kid A” blew my mind and elevated them into my top-tier.

4. What’s your most hated Radiohead song?
Never been a fan of “High and Dry” on “The Bends” record. “Creep” got old for awhile in college, but I can dig it again.

5. Three words to describe Radiohead’s music.
Paranoid Psychedelic Prog-rock

6. What do you think of Ed O’Brien’s music?
He’s a truly underrated rhythm guitarist; his harmonic texturing and melodic counterpoints are way smarter than most people realize. Not familiar with his solo work.

7. If you were given the chance to sing a Radiohead song with the whole band backing you up (Thom Yorke doing his crazy dancing in the sidelines), what would it be?
Tough one. Either “Subterranean Homesick Alien” or “Pyramid Song.” I like how Thom uses his voice as an instrument in these tunes.

8. What would be a better band name for Radiohead?

9. Ok, fine, what’s your top 3 Radiohead songs?
Oh, man. In no particular order: “Airbag,” “Pyramid Song,” “Just.” Three isn’t enough!

10. Ok, fine, your favourite Radiohead line.
“You do it to yourself / That’s why it really hurts.”

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