MKE is gone, I was laid off, blah blah blah

mke office

Today is the first lucid day I’ve had since Wednesday, when we were told that MKE was folding. Post-five-day bender, here is what I learned:

1. I can’t finish thoughts and sentences properly under duress

2. I heart Milwaukee more than I thought my officemates more than I thought was possible.

3. I need a dog.

4. I wanted to say all these terrible things about other people but I ACTUALLY believe in karma! Who knew?

Other than feeling sorry for myself though, I am also at a point where I’m pretty sure I want to leave journalism. That leaves me the following options:

1. Go surfing in SEAsia for a while, like six months

2. Visit my sister in Australia/Su in Sebastopol/James in North Carolina/Apol in Provence

3. Assist my cousin as a wedding photographer in Orange County

4. Finally move to NYC and crash on people’s couches

5. Finish that effin book.


My mom, oddly enough, wasn’t too upset that I lost my job: she said, “ooh! You can come home and we can sell paintings!”


  1. Tim said:

    I heart you too Lille! I second everything you said, and all those options sound perfect. Maybe you should do all of them.

  2. you see what happens…you should be done with that goddamn book, but don’t fret, i’m still not done with that goddamn movie whale yet(it is done, well almost, not the sound), even though i did 5 other projects in between time. Yo Lille, you can always visit us in La La….

  3. edi said:

    you are welcome to be a citizen in hoboville.
    –from the mayor of hoboland

  4. Tim said:

    Did you notice that’s my cover story you’re sleeping under?

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