Happy Mother’s Day to The Bestest Mommy Ever!

Here is a limerick I wrote, published in the Philippine Star today (thanks Chonx!):

There was a silly mommy named Peggy
Of jobs she had so very many
Law medicine and food
Were all her forte (and she was good!)
But she was best at making everyone feel  jolly

  1. ed geronia said:

    She loves fairies and perfume
    She doesn’t ask you to clean your room

    Her desserts are awesome
    The stories she tells are never tiresome

    Don’t you wish you had mommy
    Like silly ol’ Peggy

  2. admin said:

    ed! sobra kang sipsip. her stories are totally kilometric, and you always get tired

  3. peggy a bose said:

    kilometric?????? make that mileometric.

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