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Perez Hilton talks about Manila.

July 29, 2008


I never thought I’d see my hometown in Perez Hilton. Whoa.

What now?

July 12, 2008


A lot of people have been asking me that question, especially because I’ve announced to all that I am leaving Milwaukee. I don’t know where I want to go, but as much as I love my friends in Milwaukee and the city itself, I know for sure I can’t handle another winter in my life. […]

What happens when you plagiarize yourself?

June 27, 2008


I was reading my old blog and saw this post, written in January, 2003: Nothing better If I could feel just one emotion for the rest of my life, it would be anticipation. Running across the airport with your rolling suitcase, going on a blind date, opening a new CD, falling in love, sticking your […]

MKE is gone, I was laid off, blah blah blah

June 16, 2008


Today is the first lucid day I’ve had since Wednesday, when we were told that MKE was folding. Post-five-day bender, here is what I learned: 1. I can’t finish thoughts and sentences properly under duress 2. I heart Milwaukee more than I thought my officemates more than I thought was possible. 3. I need a dog. […]

A list of things I like about Milwaukee

June 6, 2008


1. It is pretty small, so driving around isn’t a hassle like Southern California. The distance, for example, from my old gym to my old house is equivalent to one end of the city to the other. 2. Like Manila, you bump into people you know. 3. Interesting things are ALWAYS going on. The bummer […]


May 9, 2008


Lilledeshan Bose 3:50 i know that i want to be with someone pero i can’t cook or clean or do laundry i have no skills its embarrassing ninabruha 3:50 anokaba, hindi ka maid (what’s wrong with you? you’re not a maid) hahahah

bird and the bee

May 5, 2008


bird and the bee, originally uploaded by lille.

All new!

May 4, 2008


I finally fixed my wonky blog. And now I get to do real portfolio things on this Word Press blog! Thanks Aul!

Phish poetics at the MKE offices

April 8, 2008


Because we’re all terribly busy people, only conversations of import — like this one, between lifelong Phish fan (Phan?) Adam Lovinus and Tim Cigelske — are held at work daily, and only at significant junctures, like when Phish is playing on someone’s computer. alovinus: this is unneccessary jam band noodling tcigelske: what is? alovinus: phish […]