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This Week Was Pretty Productive

September 23, 2011


Jah went to Milwaukee to visit relatives without us, so we tried to keep busy. We bought our tickets to the Philippines, got old computers fixed, cleaned out closets, got massages, watched a movie (Moneyball) in a real theater and went to the Prospector for karaoke. I sang “Suedehead” by Morrissey and it’s been in […]

I Can’t Wait to Go Home to Manila

September 21, 2011


Where we will, among other things, watch midgets boxing in clubs.

I Can’t Wait for Them to Grow Up

September 10, 2011


So they can play together.

I See Concerts in Sea Shells

September 9, 2011


Nico Vega at the San Diego Music Thing

P.S. I Love You

September 5, 2011


Sometimes going just slightly out of town makes the best vacation.

Now It’s September. Where Did the Time Go?

September 1, 2011


A photo from Yosemite this year that made me feel 1) like Anselm Adams and 2) like a speck in the universe, but in a good way.

I love the Oldies

August 26, 2009


Last weekend, Adam and I were in a car accident in Barstow, on the 247 by the Mojave desert. Because it was a Saturday and there were no body repair shops around, I had my car towed to Loma Linda, where my grandmother lives. We ended up sleeping in Loma Linda and getting both my […]


July 26, 2009


Could be the chillest festival I’ve ever been to. Stalked Adrian Grenier. Rode a gondola with the drummer from Spoon. Almost got thrown on stage at Girl Talk. Flew with acroyogas. Watched Amanda Palmer sing “Creep” on ukelele in her underwear beside a snow-making pond. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Pictures to follow.

Fireworks everywhere

July 19, 2009


This year, I’ve seen fireworks displays in three countries, three states, five cities. That’s an unusual number of times, especially since it’s only mid-July. (Holy shit, it’s mid-July! Whatever happened to this year– or this decade, for that matter?) I’ve witnessed New Year’s Eve fireworks in Baguio (Philippines), BenCab’s celebratory fireworks to mark the opening […]

I’m going to Tahoe…

July 17, 2009


To check out the Wanderlust Festival next weekend. Yoga + indie bands — how exciting! Here’s a short story I wrote for Variety; I actually talked to Kula Yoga Project owner Schuyler Grant (one of the organizers), and I was amazed at how simple she made putting up a festival seem. For some reason, I […]