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Singer Rohner Segnitz‘s band Division Day has never been to Milwaukee, but he knows what local music sounds like; he was a big fan of the Promise Ring (and also Dismemberment Plan, which isn’t local but whose bassist was in Maritime). In the last year, they’ve also been compared Davey Von Bohlen’s Maritime. “None of (the comparisons) is stuff that bothers me…it’s innovative and held up well over time, but I haven’t listened to Promise Ring in about a million years, even though in my formative years I spent a fair amount of time listening to them,” he said.

As a musician, that’s all you can hope for your music to do — have staying power.

For the band, at least, “Beartrap Island,” the debut recorded in 2005, does just that. After it was released independently in 2006, Division Day was signed by an indie label that went under. “”It has been around for awhile, we’re totally aware of that,” he explained. “We’ve been living with the record for a while, but we didn’t have an interest in doing it over.”

Luckily, the record label execs at Eenie Meenie agreed, and reissued it last year. “We wanted to give the album a sort of a proper release to give it justice.”  The  re-release is remastered, with three new songs and an  iTunes exclusive. Still, the band is looking ahead: “We’re writing for the next release after we finish touring this,” Segnitz said.

What will it sound like? “The sound is always changing, but it’s not like the next one is going to be a house record,” Segnitz laughed. “If I had my way, it would be like an  avant metal band. I’m really into that, I’m obssessed with death metal and black metal.”

If you go

Division Day

When 9:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 25

Where Mad Planet, 533 E Center St.

How much $8