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This Week Was Pretty Productive

September 23, 2011


Jah went to Milwaukee to visit relatives without us, so we tried to keep busy. We bought our tickets to the Philippines, got old computers fixed, cleaned out closets, got massages, watched a movie (Moneyball) in a real theater and went to the Prospector for karaoke. I sang “Suedehead” by Morrissey and it’s been in […]

I Can’t Wait to Go Home to Manila

September 21, 2011


Where we will, among other things, watch midgets boxing in clubs.

I Should Miss Everyone

September 14, 2011


But I don’t. They just all feel very foreign and far away.

Musical Time Machine

September 2, 2011


My friend Spanky saved a mixtape I made him 15 years ago. I still like all these songs from “lifetimes ago,” as Sunshine says.

More than a month’s worth of rain fell in just 12 hours.

September 26, 2009


The Philippine capital Metro Manila recently experienced a devastating typhoon. Dozens have died, whole houses are underwater, and the Philippine government is ill-equipped to deal with the disaser. BBC’s report is here:, but I don’t think anyone will know how just how much damage there is until much later. Imagine this: Katrina dumped over […]

R.I.P. Cory Aquino

July 31, 2009


When I was a freshman in high school at St. Scholastica’s College (which was incidentally President Cory Aquino’s alma mater) being president of the country was a popular aspiration. Sunshine wanted to be president, I remember. So did Margaux, or maybe it was Debbie. For the 12 and 13-year-old girls in my class, Cory Aquino […]

Happy Mother’s Day to The Bestest Mommy Ever!

May 9, 2009


Here is a limerick I wrote, published in the Philippine Star today (thanks Chonx!): There was a silly mommy named Peggy Of jobs she had so very many Law medicine and food Were all her forte (and she was good!) But she was best at making everyone feel  jolly

Joy Luck Club-ish? An immigrant story

April 25, 2009


A story for Claire Light’s ‘Joy Luck Hub’ Blog Carnival: —– I made the decision to move to the United States in increments. At first I was going to stay a month, then three, then I found myself the lead singer of a rock n roll band and decided to stay. Now I’ve been in […]

My top 10 experiences of 2008

April 24, 2009


This year proved that what I am really best at is either a) looking on the bright side or b) deluding myself. Because despite getting laid off (RIP, MKE), I traveled a lot, developed new relationships, discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At the very least, 2008 was waaaaay […]

I met Erap today. And I have no proof!

March 3, 2009


A good friend from high school is deposed president Erap Estrada’s spokesperson. (Don’t ask me about hows or whys.) If you’re not Filipino you may not know that he was an actor-turned-mayor-turned-president who was impeached on corruption charges. He also inspired a revolution by the poor, then was imprisoned by the current president’s administration. For […]