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My love

February 10, 2009


Sometimes I miss being a music writer. But only when Radiohead is on.

Lollapalooza, 2008

August 6, 2008


This was a review I wrote for the JS, but wasn’t printed. 🙁 Un-frickin-believable lineup aside, four things aptly summed up this year’s Lollapalooza: Obama rumors, Radiohead hangovers, onstage parties and hipster headbands. Whoever planned this year’s Lollapalooza lineup was pure genius: it was the best collection of old and new acts, cult favorites and […]

Radiohead always makes me feel lonely

August 4, 2008


Even in a massive sea of people.

Even Ninjas Like Radiohead

October 22, 2007


Guitar shredder Full Metal Ninja (real name: Carlo Diaz), of the anime-inspired, ninja band Random Ninjas, stealthily answered our survey all the way from Los Angeles, proving that even though their music sounds a lot more like a more pop, more Japanese version of Linkin Park, everyone could use a good dose of Radiohead once […]

William Seidel of Decibully and Lindsay Hayden of Dites Donc talk Radiohead

October 18, 2007


And you thought we were over Radiohead! Well, we’re not. So here are two more Milwaukee musicians on their experiences with Thom and the boys. Now, back to my 87-song, Radiohead restricted iPod… 1. What are your Radiohead memories? Riding around in my buddy’s blue truck during high school. 2. How much would you pay […]

Adam Lovinus answers the Radiohead meme

October 15, 2007


Obviously there are more Radiohead fans in this office than you know; our editorial assistant and in-house multi-instrumentalist Adam Lovinus sent me his replies: 1. What are your Radiohead memories? Seeing them for the first time at Grant Park in Chicago, the summer 2001 “Amnesiac” tour, and being utterly amazed at the way the band […]

A Radiohead meme for you

October 13, 2007


A friend of mine in Singapore posted this meme on his blog. So I answered it. And since it’s officially Radiohead season again, a specialised meme for anyone who wants to be tagged: 1. What are your Radiohead memories? 2. How much would you pay for downloading In Rainbows? 3. OK Computer or Kid A? […]