Here’s a step-by-step guide to how Faythe Levine, the co-owner of Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery, founder of craft fair, Art vs. Craft, director-producer of the documentary “Handmade Nation: The Rise of D.I.Y. Art, Craft and Design,” and performer of the saw for the Wooden Robot, became a star in the world of art and crafts.

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How Faythe Levine Became a Crafting Superstar (p.2)

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A few years ago I was crazy for this singer that the indie radio station 88.9 was pushing in Milwaukee. Before “Guilt Trip” I had never heard of Valentina, and no one else ever had, either. As I was working as an arts and entertainment writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel at the time I tracked down the then-22-year-old from London and got probably one of the first profiles ever written on her for the U.S. media. Now Valentina is featured on a Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) track. It is awesome (listen below), but her own stuff is still better.

Last month, I saw this t-shirt, “Support Broke Rappers” worn by MCs everywhere. I love that thought (buy CD’s, go to shows, yo), but I’m so much more amazed that Margaret Stutt, better known in Milwaukee as the singer-songwriter/accordionist Pezzetino, has the chutzpah required to be proactive and take YouTube video requests to help fund her tour. You gotta admire this girl’s drive. Apparently she did this earlier to pay for her car repairs last month after it sustained wear and tear from touring as well. Request a song, then give her money here. You could be rewarded with a YouTube video of acapella goodness like the one below: