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In June, I started a tri-city music blog with Araceli and Brian. As a freelancer (who used to work for major dailies), I still get loads of press releases for music. And there’s so much going on in Los Angeles that I felt it was a shame I didn’t have an outlet for everything I wanted to cover. I asked Araceli and Brian to help it was because I always enjoyed reading Brian’s blogs about Chicago music, and Araceli, who works at the Village Voice, is the hook-up meister for +1s in New York. All in all I thought it would be a pretty comprehensive site for things … that the three of us were interested in. Hehe.


We called it Bembang! because we didn’t want a silly blog name. We resorted to choosing from my old (aborted) band names — we eventually picked BemBang! because in Filipino slang, it means this. It mutated to various noun forms (a dude who is ‘Bem’ is f*ckable, not necessarily cute, but is always hot; ‘Bembangan’ means the act of doing it). So that was fun, and funny.

Brian thought the URL was funny because I bought; if you read it fast, you’d think it was “Bang Us.”

Anyway, it’s been kind of cool just seeing what Araceli and Brian have been up to in New York and Chicago. I really enjoy their writing as well. We haven’t put out any sort of mission statement or anything, but I’m sure we’ll figure all that out eventually. In the meantime, enjoy my favorite post so far.

I’m off to the yoga/music festival Wanderlust tomorrow at Lake Tahoe; not Los Angeles, but still the West Coast, so it counts, yes? So watch out for the review, up next week on BemBang!.