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Guitar shredder Full Metal Ninja (real name: Carlo Diaz), of the anime-inspired, ninja band Random Ninjas, stealthily answered our survey all the way from Los Angeles, proving that even though their music sounds a lot more like a more pop, more Japanese version of Linkin Park, everyone could use a good dose of Radiohead once in a while.

1. What are your Radiohead memories?
a. I saw “Creep” on MTV. I thought it was so-so until they got to the distorted-guitar-noise-attacks leading up to the chorus. I’ve heard parts of the song on the radio before I saw the video, but for some reason I always missed the distorted-guitar-noise-attacks. Yes, I call them that. D-G-N-A for short. It almost looks like a chord progression.

b. Another memory is when me and this girl were arguing about the song “Creep,” and how she kept saying that there was no D-G-N-A in the song. I kept saying that the D-G-N-A sound is what makes the song great. She kept arguing how it wasn’t there to begin with, and how she looked at me weird for imitating the sound while doing an air guitar version of it. Then we both figured out that we weren’t talking about the same song. She was talking about another “Creep” made by another band whose initials are the same as a certain fuel & oil additive. (a.k.a. Stone Temple Pilots — Lille )

2. How much would you pay for downloading “In Rainbows?”
I can’t decide. That’s why I haven’t downloaded it yet.

3. “OK Computer” or “Kid A?”
“OK Computer”

4. What’s your most hated Radiohead song?

5. Three words to describe Radiohead’s music.
Overrated and Underrated

6. What do you think of Ed O’Brien’s music?
I never heard his solo work, but I probably would’nt have listened to Radiohead if he wasn’t in the band.

7. If you were given the chance to sing a Radiohead song with the whole band backing you up (Thom Yorke doing his crazy dancing in the sidelines), what would it be?
I don’t really want to sing. What I REALLY want to do with the band is play “Creep” on guitar just so I can do the distorted-guitar-noise-attacks. I can do that all day.

8. What would be a better band name for Radiohead?
Paranoid Android And The Distorted Guitar Noise Attacks!
Or maybe PAATDGNA?

9. Ok, fine, what’s your top 3 Radiohead songs?
“Paranoid Android”
“Creep” (Nothing really beats the distorted-guitar-noise-attacks hahha)

10. Ok, fine, your favourite Radiohead line.
I don’t have a favorite.