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Other than describing a crazy dream I just had, here are some things I never EVER thought I’d see together for real: Perry Farrell…free show…Beans and Barley parking lot…Milwaukee.

But yes, the Lollapalooza founder, Satellite Party lead singer, ex-Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros frontman, took his whole band –and his supporting act, Mink– to the Beans and Barley parking lot and rocked out for 15 minutes each.

It’s part of his Solutionists initiative, a way of showing support to local businesses that are kind to the environment, and it’s also a way to bring music to the people. It wasn’t super crowded; there were about a hundred people there.

But it was really really special; Satellite Party did a two Satellite Party songs and said, “Beans and Barley is awesome, but don’t steal anything when you’re in it,” then finished his set with “Been Caught Stealing.”

Wearing just jeans and a t-shirt (plus leopard print boots!), and carrying a cup of tea, Farrell out-cooled everybody by hanging out and taking pictures with many local fans — a lot of whom were children who knew every single word to his songs!

Of course, as I am super fan girl, here is my photo with the awesomest rockstar in the world:


I also chatted with Mink’s singer, Neal Carlson, and drummer, Stella Mozgawa for a bit before they hit the stage (check out an upcoming Blog Party for the interview).

The twist for the preview was that Satellite Party played ahead of Mink. Lakefront Brewery was also there to sell microbrews. Yum! The Pabst ended up giving away 40 tickets at the show. I think I’m going to head over there later as well.

— Photos by C.Taylor, words by Lilledeshan Bose


I mean that in the non-literal, yet literal sense of the word of course, in that after their set you felt like it would be OK to go to heaven. It was a great big party, that’s hard to describe in words, so here are photos.


Lovers were kissing everywhere you looked at Grant Park.


Viva Voce — so talented, so hot.


The Against Me! crowd rocked the heat…


Brought on by its lead singer.


A bunch of geen initiatives were led by a police car with flowers growing out of it.


The Kidsapalooza section gave cool hairdos out.


M.I.A. would’ve been cool–except she kept losing her voice. She did give props to the FBI for making her return to American soil so difficult, given her political ties.




It was also great watching Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party, mostly because it WAS his party, and it was the perfect context to watch him in. I thought Tila Tequila was singing backup, but I could be wrong. Nuno Bettencourt lookalike Neil Perry was on guitar — funny! I was surprised at how many Jane’s Addiction songs he performed.


All the sponsors were kind of offputting — like Summerfest there were stages named after sponsors. But the MySpace tent was interesting — there were meet and greets where you could get a photo taken with the band! I opted to just take a photo of Blonde Redhead.


LCD Soundsystem was a great opener to Daft Punk (and of course he played “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” early on) …

And then I saw a pyramid housing two DJs in helmets. After that, everything else was just a bright light I danced my way to.