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Tim Cigelske gave me the heads up on Posterous, a content management system that lets you upload anything you want via e-mail. Tim posts Teecycle photos, but I thought I’d use it to make Attention Deficit Disorder mixes (mostly because if I attach more than three songs to emails, Gmail won’t send it).

So here it is:, my flavor of the month, my Muxtape reincarnate. I’ve posted my favorite quiet songs, favorite dance songs and feel-better songs of the moment. I’m hoping to post daily, I’ll see how it goes.

Because we’re all terribly busy people, only conversations of import — like this one, between lifelong Phish fan (Phan?) Adam Lovinus and Tim Cigelske — are held at work daily, and only at significant junctures, like when Phish is playing on someone’s computer.

alovinus: this is unneccessary jam band noodling

tcigelske: what is?

alovinus: phish was on. the song somehow ended somehow

tcigelske: that’s redundant

alovinus: it’s unneccessary verbal noodling

tcigelske: “unnecessary” “jam band” “noodling” and “phish” all redundant