Dites Donc! Is The Shizzzzz

The reason I am still up at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning is because Dites Donc! is the shizzzz. I am still dancing to their party jams in my bedroom, singing into my hairbrush. And everyone who missed the dynamic duo (whom I have dubbed Milwaukee’s secret weapon) perform at Riverwest Audio Video or whatever three hours ago should cry themselves to sleep everynight for voluntarily missing such awesomeness, including, but not limited to:

1. Seeing a pregnant lady in a glittery black dress jump around the performance area (i.e., video rental floor with the shelves for videos pushed to the side) with her giant belly, and also lay down and do leg lifts and such.

2. Seeing same pregnant lady and her choreographed-dance partner do the “Matrix” dance, where they rotate their torsos like they were avoiding bullets like Keanu Reeves did in the movie, except they’re dancing and they want you to do it too…and everyone did

3. Seeing the Dites Donc! half who was not pregnant, but was wearing a headband made of yarn (you know, that kids’ project called “God’s Eyes”), throw come-hither looks and gestures to our editorial assistant Adam

4. Watching the dynamic duo dress audience members in brown gloves with felt leaves on them so they looked like branches, and the people were trees, and the whole crew standing all together was a forest, and encouraging them to wave their branches in the breeze while they frolicked in the forest

5. And then having these ladies sing and dance in their leotards and flashdance boots about the irony of their feminist song called “I’m On The Pill” while eight months pregnant.

6. And previous to them watch Batten Revue play party jams with a synth and drum kit, in gorilla masks.

I mean seriously I could go on and on but you would think I was making it all up, especially since FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER I DIDN’T BRING A CAMERA TO A SHOW AND I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS AWESOMENESS. But ask Tuc, Shari and Adam — they were all there. They’re the only people who don’t suck, other than the 30 or so members of the Dites Donc! audience last night.

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