Drink. Pee. Repeat. Get the T-shirt

Posted on May 12, 2008 by


Tim Cigelske sits three feet away from me. He also is the purveyor of recycled shirts at Teecycle.org, where he finds cool recycled tees and sells them on his site for $7. Of that, a dollar goes to the River Revitalization Foundation. Shipping is an additional $3.

The whole concept is appealing for a variety of reasons: The shirts are displayed with well-written stories about where they’re from and how the shirts were found. They’re cheap. They’re ecologically sound. They’re actually cool in an I’d-definitely-wear-that sense. And part of the proceeds go to saving Milwaukee’s rivers! How great is that?

A bunch of media outlets and blogs are noticing too:

  • Marquette Tribune
  • T Critic
  • Earth First
  • Cows riding bikesHere’s Teecycle’s Facebook page. Be a fan!