Me and Fab are going to have a good time

Posted on June 3, 2008 by


I found a Shady blog by accident today. I knew he was writing one but I didn’t think to ask if it was up yet.

While there, I found the cover of his latest book, drawn in blood. “The Roberts” is about two serial killers who were never caught, and instead grow old together in an old-age home. I saw two pages in a preview, and I must say it is breathtakingly awesome.

I write about this because I am dogsitting Justin’s dog, A.K.A. the best dog in the universe, Mr. Fabulous. For five whole days this week, while they in LA. Mr. Fab is such a good dog that I have dreams that we’re off in Batangas surfing and sunbathing. Kathy and Justin think it’s creepy. I think it’s LOVE.


A few minutes after originally posting this, Kathy sent me this picture message! HOW CUTE!