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Heavy Mettle

September 6, 2011


24 hours left on a cover story. No, I am not procrastinating. At least not on purpose.

Guided By Voices Did a Lot of Songs From ‘Bee Thousand’ Tonight

September 3, 2011


My job has a few great perks.

Musical Time Machine

September 2, 2011


My friend Spanky saved a mixtape I made him 15 years ago. I still like all these songs from “lifetimes ago,” as Sunshine says.

Gang Badoy, Idol

November 1, 2010


Nakilala ko si Gang through an orgmate, about 15 years ago. Mostly my orgmate (who was also her boyfriend at the time) would just talk about her in awe, so I was always like, ‘Sino ba ‘tong Gang na to?’ Later on, I re-met her through Rock Ed. As she says in this interview, “The […]


July 26, 2009


Could be the chillest festival I’ve ever been to. Stalked Adrian Grenier. Rode a gondola with the drummer from Spoon. Almost got thrown on stage at Girl Talk. Flew with acroyogas. Watched Amanda Palmer sing “Creep” on ukelele in her underwear beside a snow-making pond. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Pictures to follow.

Support starving artists!

July 23, 2009


Last month, I saw this t-shirt, “Support Broke Rappers” worn by MCs everywhere. I love that thought (buy CD’s, go to shows, yo), but I’m so much more amazed that Margaret Stutt, better known in Milwaukee as the singer-songwriter/accordionist Pezzetino, has the chutzpah required to be proactive and take YouTube video requests to help fund […]


July 22, 2009


In June, I started a tri-city music blog with Araceli and Brian. As a freelancer (who used to work for major dailies), I still get loads of press releases for music. And there’s so much going on in Los Angeles that I felt it was a shame I didn’t have an outlet for everything I […]

My talented gene pool

July 20, 2009


My cousin is in a TV series called Oblivion. We’re hoping it gets picked up so she can be famous and we can all live off her success.

How to get from Pt. A to D

July 18, 2009


Pt. 0 Pt. A Pt. A to B Pt. B Pt. B to C Pt. C Pt. C to D

I’m going to Tahoe…

July 17, 2009


To check out the Wanderlust Festival next weekend. Yoga + indie bands — how exciting! Here’s a short story I wrote for Variety; I actually talked to Kula Yoga Project owner Schuyler Grant (one of the organizers), and I was amazed at how simple she made putting up a festival seem. For some reason, I […]