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Too Fast!

July 22, 2014


Everyone said it would happen. I blinked and now I have a little boy. He asks me about antennas, speed bumps, compares his poops to Amtraks and says daddy (and not mommy) is his bestie. Dang.

Grown-up Things I Want

September 18, 2013


1. Whole weekends with my family 2. A decision on where to buy a house 3. More Fluevogs.

Sometimes I Am So Happy It Feels Unfair

June 19, 2012


Can’t complain about anything these days. Thank you, universe!

My Little Bean Sprout

April 13, 2012


  Jah was sick, on and off, the past week. It was a first a fever, then a cold. Then the fever disappeared, but a rash took its place. And then, a cough that wouldn’t go away. Almost every night my 15 month old had difficulty sleeping, and he would sleep in our bed, tossing […]

Jah Broke My Heart

September 29, 2011


When Jah arrived from a week in Milwaukee without both his parents, he was not happy. He cried when he saw me at the airport, angrily, then reached for his nanny. He’s never going anywhere without us again.

For Our Last Night Without the Booboojingjing

September 28, 2011


We did some more karaoke, met up with old friends, hung out with new ones…til 4 a.m. It was a welcome distraction; I couldn’t wait til morning.

Whoa, I am a Real Mommy

September 26, 2011


I was missing Jah so badly today, and I realized this must be how parents feel all the time when their children are away. It’s a sick, queasy feeling coupled with an emptiness that distracts you into trying to start everything and finishing nothing.

This Week Was Pretty Productive

September 23, 2011


Jah went to Milwaukee to visit relatives without us, so we tried to keep busy. We bought our tickets to the Philippines, got old computers fixed, cleaned out closets, got massages, watched a movie (Moneyball) in a real theater and went to the Prospector for karaoke. I sang “Suedehead” by Morrissey and it’s been in […]

Three of My Favorite Things in One Picture

September 20, 2011


Jah schools Adam on guitar.

Jah Got Serenaded

September 11, 2011


The artist Airika played this song on her mini accordion especially–and only for–Jah because she thought he was so cute! She’s an amazing artist, and he loooooved it. I’m sure even at 9 months old he knew how special that was.