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mke office

Today is the first lucid day I’ve had since Wednesday, when we were told that MKE was folding. Post-five-day bender, here is what I learned:

1. I can’t finish thoughts and sentences properly under duress

2. I heart Milwaukee more than I thought my officemates more than I thought was possible.

3. I need a dog.

4. I wanted to say all these terrible things about other people but I ACTUALLY believe in karma! Who knew?

Other than feeling sorry for myself though, I am also at a point where I’m pretty sure I want to leave journalism. That leaves me the following options:

1. Go surfing in SEAsia for a while, like six months

2. Visit my sister in Australia/Su in Sebastopol/James in North Carolina/Apol in Provence

3. Assist my cousin as a wedding photographer in Orange County

4. Finally move to NYC and crash on people’s couches

5. Finish that effin book.


My mom, oddly enough, wasn’t too upset that I lost my job: she said, “ooh! You can come home and we can sell paintings!”