Three Bands, One Rave

Mastodon was supposed to play on Thursday, May 10, at the Rave. But due to the drummer’s illness, they canceled at the last minute. Did we mind? A little.
But there were still three other awesome bands on that night — Against Me!, Cursive, Flosstradamus and !!!, plus some moshing on the side. Here’s proof.

tuc and rob miller sitting in a tree...

MKE designer Tuc Krueger and his friend Rob Miller, both former Rave employees, enjoying the scenery.

chick moshing

The Rave foyer had a pretty cool moshpit going on, before Cursive even started.

tim kasher

Singer Tim Kasher was amazing. How does he make metal sound melancholy?

Ted Stevens IMG_0730.jpg

The whole band was dressed in suits. They rocked out in suits. Word.

During intermission I hustled over to the merch table. I don’t know why lots of bands’ merch tables now have tip boxes.
cursive has good merch

cursive tip box

Then we went to watch another metal band on the sidelines. I never realized the Rave was wheelchair friendly.
tuc watching band the rave is wheelchair friendly

There were a lot of mohawks in the crowd. Punk’s not dead! At least not when you’re at an Against Me! show. They rock so hard I bet the audience peed in their pants a little bit from the force of hardcore political music fused with tight black muscle shirts.

tom gabel andrew seward
IMG_0842.jpg IMG_0859.jpg

Right before !!! started Tuc cleared out, because he is old.
tuc is MKE's drummer. er, I meant designer.

I however, stayed to catch the booty-shaking, tambourine party that is !!! at the Rave’s basement.
Nic Offer 2 tambourine party

Oh — and there were no mohawks there. Just a lot of tight-pants-ed hipsters.

trombone party !!!

Lilledeshan Bose

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