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Goals, etc.

May 20, 2012


A few months ago, I had a faux chalkboard up in my tiny kitchen in Long Beach. (Actually we had two of them; one on the front door for reminders and the second one, the one I’m referring to, for general hopes and dreams.) On it: new digs, more $$$, and CREATIVITY in big letters, […]

I Get Pretty Gigil With This Cover

September 16, 2011


Here’s the story I wrote on Thrice.

Can you go home again?

July 21, 2008


Art picked me up from the John Wayne airport. As we turned into Campus, then the 55, then Newport, I was struck by how much I missed Orange County. The streets were wide and clean and welcoming, how the air seemed cleaner and much more open, how everyone’s tattoos were less grungy, and people wore […]


May 18, 2008


Statements, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Found another IMtoon on Lia’s blog, but this made me laugh so much more

Justin Shady answers the Radiohead meme

October 16, 2007


Obviously there are more Radiohead fans in this office than you know; freelance writer/awesome dude Justin Shady isn’t one of them: 1. What are your Radiohead memories? I remember being in my college dorm in 1994 and walking past the laundry room as some kid belted out “Creep” with a gaggle of dirty girls. I […]

Davey Von Bohlen answers the Radiohead meme

October 16, 2007


Ahem, Justin Shady. Aside from being my favourite subject of all time, Maritime’s Davey Von Bohlen is a Radiohead fan too! Yay. 1. What are your Radiohead memories? Listening to “The Bends” on cassette, thinking of how this band was going to be the next Led Zeppelin. 2. How much would you pay for downloading […]

Adam Lovinus answers the Radiohead meme

October 15, 2007


Obviously there are more Radiohead fans in this office than you know; our editorial assistant and in-house multi-instrumentalist Adam Lovinus sent me his replies: 1. What are your Radiohead memories? Seeing them for the first time at Grant Park in Chicago, the summer 2001 “Amnesiac” tour, and being utterly amazed at the way the band […]

Car Driving Songs

September 19, 2007


Because I’ve been listening to the National in my car non-stop for the past few weeks, I started thinking about what songs I really love to put on when I’m behind the wheel, and what music has actually informed my vehicular motion through the years. Rock Lobster – B-52s I was 6, driving through tunnels […]

Something I found online

September 9, 2007


Last night I was telling Sonya I had recorded an E.P. once upon a time. (Actually if you count my old band’s demo that we sold at shows that would be TWO E.P.’s! heh.) Anyway I found it online. It was recorded by Khavn De La Cruz. I actually don’t have my own copy anywhere.

Never mind the bollocks! ‘Ehre’s Robbers on High Street

July 11, 2007


Who knows why I thought Robbers on High Street were from England. I went on their Myspace page, saw Brooklyn … and thought, oh they must’ve moved there. Maybe it’s their name (I mean, do you say, “A robber stole Tuc’s wallet on my birthday?” No.), or maybe it’s the band’s Kinks-ish sounding songs. Or […]