funny dream

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i had a dream that i was at some kind of writer’s retreat,.. or creative retreat…or diving vacay. a band like rainer maria played. and there were dudes there. sonofa, some dude who was in a band like rainer maria, but he was pudgy, and then another one who was like blaine at project runway. and the two dudes in the band were interested in me but blaine was just interested like a drunk cokehead is interested, but the pudgy dude was REALLY interested.
and sonofa kind of got upset…and even joe vince and i did lines of coke with the rainer maria dude and joe vince scattered it all over cause he didn’t know how to do it.

and then when i got back to my room sonof had left me a bunch of roses laid flat and woven together like a mat…and on  apiece of cardboard folded above it he wrote

i love you
and it hurts me to be so cloe to you and not be able to talk to you

and then in my room sonof, blaine and rainer maria guitarist came in to talk to me
and i picked sonof to talk to
and then i woke up becuase i didn’t want my dream to be happier than real life

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