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  1. TWM71 said:

    Froze my ass off that day, standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of D.C., 50 yards west of the Washington Monument watching history unfold on a jumbotron. Everyone was hopeful and excited and being kind to one another and there was a feeling of a new age coming. There were proud vendors selling t-shirts and stickers and hats with Obama’s face and everything was ‘O’. (As soon as the InAug was over, everyone around me walked away grumbling and pushing as though they’d been waiting to see Aerosmith in concert, and once the show was over there was nothing left to look forward to…)

    He’s got the hardest job is the world as far as I’m concerned, and things would be a mess no matter who won. (Dubya, we’re looking in your direction) But I’m glad he won, and I hope he’s able to make a difference.


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