“Artist of the Day” Stories I Wrote for Myspace in 2015

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In 2014 my good friend Vickie Chang became the editorial director of Myspace and assigned me the very interesting task of finding up-and-coming artists for the feature “Artist of the Day.” I started hunting down bands that hadn’t made it big yet, which made me excited about music again. I continued doing it even after the great Katrina Natress took over midyear, and just now found out that I wrote 152 stories for the section in 2015.

  1. Rock Band Dorothy Stakes Their Claim to Ballsy Metal Sound
  2. The Ambient, Experimental Musical Direction of MIRS
  3. No Limits for UK Rapper Kapital
  4. From Bluegrass to Metal, Andy Wood Shreds on Guitar
  5. Afika Nx Mixes and Matches Hip-hop, Rock and Reggae
  6. Deaf Rhino Premiere Exclusive Track, “Don’t Believe What You Heard”
  7. EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Gill Delivers with the EP ‘I Feel Awake’
  8. Folklorist Elephant Micah Does it for Himself
  9. Stone Cold Fox is Stone Cold Serious About Rock & Roll
  10. Take a Bite Out of Neo Punk Rockers Happy Fangs
  11. Swedish Chanteuse Zara Larsson Set to Conquer America
  12. For the Blancos, It Really Is All About the Music
  13. Big Guitars, Big Choruses and Big Dreams Fulfilled for Cilver
  14. Janine and the Mixtape
  15. Luluc Makes Indie-Folk, Quiet and Clear
  16. Mikky Ekko—In His Own Time
  17. Punk Rockers the Heathens Rev It Up In Southern California
  18. Periphery’s Third Release is an Ambitious Concept
  19. PREMIERE: Chicago Pop-Rock Band AyOH Gets Radio Ready
  20. Roisto Brings Chill Waves From Scandinavia
  21. In Tall Buildings Stands On Slow-rising, Solid, Melancholic
  22. Remi Rises Up From Down Under
  23. The HOWLS Make Sweet Synth Rock Out of Los Angeles
  24. The Bright Light Social Hour is Ready for the Big Cities
  25. Pop Singer Tony Ferrari Channels Old Into Gold
  26. Ibeyi Activates Wonder Twin Power on Magnificent Debut
  27. Indie Pop Singer Frankie Perfects the Catchy Pop Hook
  28. Switzerland’s Electropop Duo From Kid Deliver a Natural Flow
  29. Who Needs the Drop When You’ve Got DJ Duo Prok & Fitch?
  30. Electropop Artist Penguin Prison Creates a Soundtrack for NY
  31. Rangleklods Bring the Fun From Denmark
  32. Pop Singer Lily Elise Poised to Take Off
  33. The Rua Prove That Siblings Make the Best Bands
  34. DJ Dynamix On Keeping the Energy Going
  35. Meet Meg Mac—She’s Going to Be Huge
  36. A Sweet Spot for Singer-Songwriter Duo Mideau
  37. Indie Band Winters Island Draw Inspiration From ’90s R&B
  38. Get Lucky with Nashville Buzz Band COIN
  39. Domino Kirke on Music and the Cycle of Creation
  40. Life of Dillon is Bringing Free-spirited Good Vibes
  41. Australian Pop Star Lenka Sings on the Bright Side
  42. Deaf Rhino Premiere Exclusive Track, “Don’t Believe What You Heard”
  43. Brooklyn Rapper Junglepussy is the Girl of Your Dreams
  44. LA Duo Kaneholler Just Wanna Make You Dance
  45. Producer/DJ Infuze Creates EDM for the Future
  46. Colony House Play Straight-Up Rock and Roll
  47. North of Nine is Headed for the Top
  48. In the House: Crookers Brings Italian Electro to the United States
  49. Getting Personal With Expert Turntablist Jayceeoh
  50. Perfectly Named Pop Noir Premiere New Single
  51. For William Pilgrim and the All Grows Up, the Personal is Political
  52. 90s Alt-Rockers Ash Are Back
  53. Bigger, Better, Sweeter, More: Turbo Fruits Grow Up
  54. DJ/Producer Dyro is a Dutch Treat
  55. Five Knives Cut a Wide Swath Across Genres
  56. Tyranis Does Thrash
  57. Pop Singer Rozzi Crane Gets Ready for Fame
  58. PREMIERE: Pop Star Mizgin Says Love Yourself First
  59. Dig Singer-songwriter Matt Jaffe’s Intellectual Power Pop
  60. Corsica Arts Club Bring the Sunshine in With Synth-Pop
  61. Dannic Delivers, From Mash-ups to Big House Hits
  62. Singer-Songwriter Cody Crump Sings About Death
  63. There’s No Doubting the Passion of Pop-Rock Band Noise of Rumors
  64. Heavy Does it for Dave Lombardo’s Alt-Metal Band PHILM
  65. Kid Wave’s Wonderlust is Going to be Your Summer
  66. Finnish Producer and DJ Darude Talks About Life Beyond ‘Sandstorm’
  67. Pop! Goes LA Songwriter Colette Carr
  68. PREMIERE: Patrick Dennis’ “The Last Drop”
  69. Austin’s the Vanity Credit Their Rock & Roll Sound to a Lot of Hard Work
  70. Aussie Band In Hearts Wake Reach New Heights
  71. DJ and Producer Yves V. is on the Rise
  72. Swedish Synthpop Act Hortlax Cobra Strikes Again
  73. DJ/Producer Abel Ramos Gets Back in the Mix With Love
  74. Myspace Exclusive: DJ/Producer Henrix Drops New Single
  75. Small Town Boys Shattered Sun Play a Gigantic Metal Sound
  76. Guitar Virtuoso Hamish Anderson’s Rock & Roll Blues
  77. Los Angeles Crooner B. Miles Goes for a Dark, Electropop Vibe
  78. X Ambassadors Mark Their Spot
  79. Soilwork Release Teaser Video of New Album 
  80. Exclusive Premiere: Scarlett Parade’s “Hold On”
  81. On Debut LP “Transgressor,” Rapper and Singer Tunde
  82. Sincerely Yours from Lena Fayre
  83. French Producer, DJ Arno Cost Declares EDM in France is Dead
  84. Sweet Spirit Want To Be On Top
  85. Singer-songwriter Lael Neale’s Debut is Strong Yet Sweet
  86. On ‘Portraits,’ Electronic Duo Maribou State Present
  87. Harrison: Just Call Him EDM’s Rennaissance Man
  88. Gossamer: Creating Soundscapes In Beats And Measures
  89. Genre-hopping Angelenos Dustbowl Revival Have Celebrity Style
  90. Teen Daze Grows Up on ‘Morning World’
  91. Thy Art Is Murder Slay With Latest Release, ‘Holy War’
  92. Sure They Have Mullets; Just Don’t Call Biters a Throwback
  93. Unbounded by Genres, Oxymorrons are ‘Complex but Basic’
  94. Through Reggae, Artist Nattali Rize Says Less Selfies, More Self Awareness
  95. Risa Binder Sings Cosmopolitan Country-pop Songs
  96. Count Counsellor Mines His Childhood
  97. Exclusive: Orlando Band Savannah Stream New EP
  98. The Gooch Palms Want to Leave Their Mark All Over You
  99. Flying Solo with Shanee Pink
  100. EXCLUSIVE: Emily West Premieres ‘All for You’
  101. EXCLUSIVE: Rubikon Premieres ‘Vipers’ Video
  102. Baby in Vain Is On Some Next Level Shit
  103. Gal Pals’ Music is a Warm, Fuzzy Soundtrack for Your Besties
  104. PREMIERE: Listen To Walsher Clemons’ New Single
  105. PREMIERE: Listen To Kyle Lucas’ New Song, “Veritas”
  106. Singer-storyteller Sophia Black Transforms from Teen Prodigy to Hitmaker
  107. Premiere: Watch ThatOneEyedKid’s Video for Bouncy Title Track
  108. Premiere: Watch Trapdoor Social’s ‘Fine on My Own
  109. Dream-pop-electronica Creator Luna Aura Figures it Out
  110. Electropop Duo Smoke Season Catches Fire
  111. EXCLUSIVE: A Love Like Pi Premieres “Wide Awake”
  112. For 3 Headed Dog, Home is Where the Rock Is
  113. EXCLUSIVE: Myke Terry Premieres New Single, ‘Slide’
  114. Darwin Deez on Deez Nuts, Idolizing Toto and Styling His Perfect Curls
  115. EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind the Scenes on ‘Lights Out’ with AudioDamn!
  116. XXI Rises From Tragedy on Debut ‘Inside Out’
  117. R&B Crooner Harrison Brome Is As True As Can Be
  118. EXCLUSIVE: The DownBeat Keys Premiere Video For ‘Fluid’
  119. Cady Groves Makes Her ‘Dreams’ Come True
  120. Meet Soda Shop, Purveyors of Indie Pop Gems
  121. The Relapse Symphony On Playing Balls-to-the-Wall Rock
  122. Will the Real Knox Hamilton Please Stand Up?
  123. EXCLUSIVE: Rabid Young Premieres New Video, “Pieces”
  124. Candice Pillay Puts out Positive Vibes on EP ‘The High’
  125. EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Premiere of Alvarez Kings’ ‘Tell Tale Heart’
  126. EXCLUSIVE: Spencer Sutherland Premieres Selena Gomez cover
  127. Fever High Deliver Earwormy Indie-pop Gems With A Dose of Girl Power
  128. Meet Mishka Shubaly: Memoirist, Marathon Runner, Musician
  129. Steven Roth’s “Good Times Go So Fast” is a Soul Pop Nostalgia Attack
  130. Clay Cages Pack A Post-Rock Punch
  131. EXCLUSIVE: Listen to MC Lars’ ‘The Zombie Dinosaur LP
  132. Southern California’s Wildling Premiere
  133. Exclusive: So Much Light Premieres Acoustic Video
  134. Alexx Mack Celebrates Being Comfy in Her Own Skin
  135. Sit Back and Chill with Indie Rockers The Kickback
  136. EXCLUSIVE: Pete RG Premieres ‘Divine’ Lyric Video
  137. Exclusive: Alt Rockers the Drama State Premiere ’38th and Central’
  138. Drug Church: Sounds Like Seaweed, Feels Like Awesome
  139. For Singer, Songwriter and Author David Berkeley, Every Song is a Story
  140. Fine Fine Titans Tell a Mighty Story
  141. TeamMate Turns Love and Loss into Musical Gold
  142. Marco With Love is Cosmic Country
  143. The Highs and Lows of Kaleigh Baker
  144. Astropol: It’s OK to Call Them Sweden’s Newest Supergroup
  145. EXCLUSIVE: Take a Peek Behind the Scenes of Lipstick Gypsy’s ‘Awesome’ Video
  146. Brenna Whitaker Gives You the Feels
  147. Caspian Rises From Tragedy in ‘Dust and Disquiet’
  148. Mental Physix Says Namaste with Free Single
  149. Secrets Go Out to the World with New Singer and New Album
  150. Kate Crash Pops It Off in 2016
  151. The Shelters Create the Quintessential Los Angeles Sound
  152. WatchTheDuck Aim to Blow the Lid Off 2016
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