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Obviously there are more Radiohead fans in this office than you know; freelance writer/awesome dude Justin Shady isn’t one of them:

Justin1. What are your Radiohead memories?
I remember being in my college dorm in 1994 and walking past the laundry room as some kid belted out “Creep” with a gaggle of dirty girls. I hated that kid.

2. How much would you pay for downloading In Rainbows?
Nothing. I’ll wait for someone else to download it and then just burn it from them, probably Lille to be exact.

3. OK Computer or Kid A?
I always liked Kid A more, only because he had X-ray vision and he could fly.

4. What’s your most hated Radiohead song?
Probably the one where they had that video where it was all their skeletons onstage singing, like, “I will get by. I will survive.” And then the dog comes in and steals a bone out of one of their legs.

5. Three words to describe Radiohead’s music.
Better than Coldplay.

6. What do you think of Ed O’Brien’s music?
Well, I’d say “Time Warp” was my favorite song from “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Oh, wait… that was Richard O’Brien. Oh! I liked that coked-up and drunken voicemail he left his stripper girlfriend! That was by far his best work. Wait a second… that was Pat O’Brien. Let’s see… I have a friend in L.A. named Shawn O’Brien, and that red-headed guy on late at night is Conan O’Brien. Nope, doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry.

7. If you were given the chance to sing a Radiohead song with the whole band backing you up (Thom Yorke doing his crazy dancing in the sidelines), what would it be?
Does it have to be a Radiohead song? Can it be a Thom Yorke song instead? If so, I’d have to say “Rabbit In Your Headlights” that he did with UNKLE. If not, I’ll say “Roll Out The Barrell.”

8. What would be a better band name for Radiohead?
Television Face.

9. Ok, fine, what’s your top 3 Radiohead songs?
Damn! That’s hard! So many to choose from! Okay, first, it’d be that song that Tom Cruise plays when he wakes up and, like, all of Manhattan is empty! And he’s running and running and running in Times Square, and it’s totally void of all humanity! That was crazy! Yeah, that’d be the first one. And the other two… I don’t know. Like, “Creep” and… I think those are the only two I can remember right now. Oh, those two, and their cover of Tom Jones’ version of Prince’s version of “Kiss.”

10. Ok, fine, your favourite Radiohead line.
I refuse to answer this because you spelled “favorite” in a dumb way.

Justin Shady

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