Davey Von Bohlen answers the Radiohead meme


Ahem, Justin Shady.

Aside from being my favourite subject of all time, Maritime’s Davey Von Bohlen is a Radiohead fan too! Yay.

1. What are your Radiohead memories?
Listening to “The Bends” on cassette, thinking of how this band was going to be the next Led Zeppelin.

2. How much would you pay for downloading “In Rainbows?”
$12-15. It’s a fair price.

3. OK Computer or Kid A?
“OK Computer”

4. What’s your most hated Radiohead song?
Don’t think I hate any Radiohead.

5. Three words to describe Radiohead’s music.
Not Zeppelin anymore

6. What do you think of Ed O’Brien’s music?
Like solo, I don’t know about it.

7. If you were given the chance to sing a Radiohead song with the whole band backing you up (Thom Yorke doing his crazy dancing in the sidelines), what would it be?
“Killer Cars”

8. What would be a better band name for Radiohead?
Thats a great name.

9. Ok, fine, what’s your top 3 Radiohead songs?
“Killer Cars.” “The Trickster.” “The Bends.”

10. Ok, fine, your favourite Radiohead line.
“Babies got the bends, oh no” from “The Bends.”

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