I Wrote a Story on No Doubt; In Other News, “Don’t Speak” Still Gives Me the Chills

September 12, 2012


In 1995, I was obsessed with No Doubt. I wore bindis like Gwen Stefani, I tried to dress like Gwen Stefani, I watched that “Don’t Speak” video CONSTANTLY, I wanted to sing like Gwen Stefani. Today OC Weekly published my cover story on No Doubt. If it was 1996 it would’ve been like my biggest […]

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If You Could Live Anywhere But Here and Now

September 8, 2012


I always used to choose 1980s Baguio. But I think Sebastopol and/or Humboldt in 2012 would be a great place to live in too, if I could get over the cold.

Valentina, Part 2

August 30, 2012


A few years ago I was crazy for this singer that the indie radio station 88.9 was pushing in Milwaukee. Before “Guilt Trip” I had never heard of Valentina, and no one else ever had, either. As I was working as an arts and entertainment writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel at the time I tracked […]

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The Desert is Mine

August 30, 2012


In the Philippines I knew I was a tiny speck of nothing when I faced the sea. Here, the beaches are too full — of people, of things, of surfers — I could never find that finite sense of my self with a banana stand and a lifeguard post around. But I found that feeling […]

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Sometimes I Am So Happy It Feels Unfair

June 19, 2012


Can’t complain about anything these days. Thank you, universe!

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The Sound of Settling

May 22, 2012


I used to say that I never felt present–or in the moment–unless I was in motion. Now this constant movement depresses me. I just want to take root, but how? I feel like we will never finish unpacking.

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Goals, etc.

May 20, 2012


A few months ago, I had a faux chalkboard up in my tiny kitchen in Long Beach. (Actually we had two of them; one on the front door for reminders and the second one, the one I’m referring to, for general hopes and dreams.) On it: new digs, more $$$, and CREATIVITY in big letters, […]

Oh, Coachella

April 13, 2012


One day, when I’m working a desk job where I have to clock in, wear suits, pearls and heels, I’m going to look back on my days of covering Coachella and get really nostalgic. Maybe.

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My Little Bean Sprout

April 13, 2012


  Jah was sick, on and off, the past week. It was a first a fever, then a cold. Then the fever disappeared, but a rash took its place. And then, a cough that wouldn’t go away. Almost every night my 15 month old had difficulty sleeping, and he would sleep in our bed, tossing […]


Easy Still Does It

March 18, 2012


It feels like I only update this blog when plagued with ennui, but I find myself looking for ways to spur myself into doing something creative without feeling spent. So I just look up what my friends are up to. Here is a song Easy Fagela wrote in the ’90s. I still remember it from […]